Шкільний портал Марганецької cпеціалізованої школи І-ІІІ ступенів № 2


Відеоінструкція для вступу 2019

Our School









School profile:

The advanced learning of the English language from the first grade and learning

of the second foreign language (German) from the fifth grade



Experimental work of the school:

The school has a status of the national-wide level experimental school

Teachers of school fulfil scientific-research work on the program "scientific and methodological basis of the implementation of the national model of media education into the educational process of secondary schools".



participation in the International and Ukrainian programs, projects, competitions

  • participation in the International and Regional Ukrainian educational exhibitions (during one year)
  • participation in the International Mathematical Competition "kangaroo"
  • participation in the International competition on informatics and computer literacy
  • participation in the interactive all-Ukrainian contest "Kolosok"
  • participation in the International project "International alliance on HIV / AIDS in Ukraine"
  • participation in the International project of UNDP (the Programme intel "way to success")
  • participation in the Regional competition "The best review of modern children's fiction"
  • participation in the all-Ukrainian competition of the English language "Greenwich"
  • participation in the all-Ukrainian competition of the Ukrainian language and literature "Sunflower"
  • cooperation with the Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History and Social Sciences "New Doba"


 Optional courses:

  • course "School against AIDS"
  • course "Fundamentals of critical thinking"
  • course "way to success"
  • course "European choice of Ukraine"
  • course "International Relations in the second half of the twentieth century"
  • course "Media Culture"
  • course "countrystudy"
  • course "Literature of Great britain and the usa"



  • Euroclub
  • Theatrical studio
  • club "Young Geographers"
  • School newspaper "Mіstok"
  • club of young traffic inspectors
  • School Museum of Local History
  • voluntary association of ethnographers
  •  club "Squad of young firefighters"